Escape Rooms

Uncle Ande!

 (Minocqua Location)

Uncle Ande has some of the best fishing spots in the Northwoods but he never tells anyone where he goes. While visiting his cabin, he has run to the store to get more oil for the fish fry.


He will be back in one hour. Can you find the secret fishing maps in time? You better hurry, the sun has set and the mosquitoes are getting bad!


Mad Doctor  

(Minocqua Location)


Numerous people in the city have been getting ill with an unknown disease- the only link between them is that they have all gone to doctor appointments at Barry Madd M.D.’s office within the last week.


You, as a new worker for the CDC, have been given the mundane task of questioning the doctor to see what he knows. As you walk into his office you get an uneasy feeling- could this routine task turn into something more?