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Q. Can my kids play? Will they have fun?

A. Kids age 7-10 have played and have done very well.

While some items or tasks can be challenging even for adults, we make sure you will have fun.

Q. How much is it per player?

A. $29/player + booking fees

Q. How much is a private room?

A. We no longer charge for a private room. All bookings are automatically private

Q. I booked a room but I want my friends to pay separately. 

A. Once a room is booked , it is removed for additional booking. Additional people can come and pay once they have arrived. We accept CASH or CARDS. 

Q. We have more than 10 people. Can more people fit in the room?

A. Some of our rooms can allow more than 10 people in them but not all of our rooms. Please contact us to set up times for larger groups to play. 

Q. We have some kids under the age of 7.  Can they come with?

A. Yes, you can have a maximum of one child under the age of 7 per adult player in the room. You will need to have a minimum of two paying players

Q. Are you really locked in the room?

A. The door is closed (and sometimes locked) but can be opened with a single action. We follow all NFPA safety regulations. Your safety is our main concern. Smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, and fire extinguishers are all real and not part of the game play! In the event of an emergency, all locked doors are automatically opened. In the event of power loss, all doors are designed to fail open (not lockable).

Q. Can we cancel or change our game time?

A. We normally do not allow cancelling a room. You may change your time/date of play only once if your play time is >24 hours away. Rebookings inside of 24 hours is normally not permitted and only allowed per the game master's discretion. 

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